My wonderful miracle maker. I’ve lived in Scotland for the past 15 years and thought of planing a wedding in Poland while working full time as well as being a mum to a 3 year old was simply mortifying…and then she came. An angel! Absolutely wonderful, warm and caring women who took all the stress of planning a wedding away. Not only that, she also put me at ease when family has been difficult during the run up to the wedding so she’s also a form of a psychologist at the same time.

We had the most wonderful day thanks to Agata. All recommend supplies went above and beyond to ensure we have the day of our life. Absolutely everything was running smoothly – at least that’s what I thought, how naive I was! When it started to rain in the forest where the ceremony was going to be Agata had to move everything to a different location…but I only knew it the next day.

All the guests said that our wedding was the best they’ve been to and one of my husband’s uncles said that when he dies he wants Agata to arrange his send off in the place we got married 🤣I have no doubt she’d make a great job at that too 😊

I can’t thank you enough Agata for the wonderful day we’ve had, and I had so much fun not having to worry about literally anything.

Wish I could give you the biggest hug again, thank you for the best day of our life

Ewelina & Andrew